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Current Projects


Lunar Rover

Australian Rover Challenge

Are you interested in being part of a team making a Lunar Rover prototype?


Fido Robot Dog

Quadruped Robot Project

Build a quadruped robotic dog. The goal is to create a test platform and mascot for the club.


Reactive LEDs

IoT Project

Create remote controllable LEDs that can change colour and react to songs on beat. The final goal is to make LED installations and use them for events.


Smart Mirror

IoT Project

Develop an aesthetically pleasing interactive smart mirror with facial recognition. The mirror will also have voice sensing and occupancy sensing. The mirror will welcome people who come to the club room and greet known members with personalized messages.


Vending Machine

Refurbishing Project

Refurbish an old vending machine to sell electronic parts and snacks, integrated with an online storefront. With modular functionality for the addition of multiple vending machines in the future.

Previous Projects


Robot Coffee

Intermediate Development Project

Our coffee robot works by using a UR5 robot arm to produce a coffee shot. A wide variety of areas to improve, including mechanical, software and barista oriented work. People are urgently needed, so sign up if you want to work on a project that is currently in deployement and helping grow the club!


Self Balancing Robot

Beginner Project

Build a segway-like robot and gain basic skills in CAD design, electronic assembly and PID control systems! A good project for beginners to learn a wide range of skills.


Autonomous Ride-On Car

Outreach Project

A self driving car using GPS, PID motor control and LiDAR. This project also involves working with schools to teach students how to develop their own version of this car!


Self Watering Plant

Home Automation Project

Grow your skills by helping to develop an automated plant watering system with live data monitoring! This project will have a focus on sustainable engineering by aiming for low power consumption and renewable materials.

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