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Join UWA Robotics Club (URC) for all the amazing projects, awesome workshops and cool events. You can even get Altronics discount through us.

Current Projects


Robot Coffee

Yes, our club has its very own coffee making robot!

The coffee robot works by using a UR5 robot arm, which operates a commercial coffee machine to make an espresso shot. Learn how to program the robotic arm, and design your own variation of the coffee making process.


Pioneer Robots


Autonomous driving robots using cameras, and a LiDAR sensor. Programmed in C, these robots will race autonomously around a circuit!


Self Driving Car

STEM Project

Self driving car using GPS, computer vision and LiDAR. Electrical and mechanical upgrades will also be performed on the vehicle!



A DJI Drone development platform with potential for accessories and self driving capabilities to be added.


Maze Robot

Design and program a maze solving robot! The technology involved is accessible for members of all levels of robotics expertise, with options to modify the robots with more advanced components.


NAO robots

Humanoid robots that can play soccer. Programmed in either Python or C++, these robots will use computer vision to play in a 1 v 1 soccer match!

Event Schedule

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Our club has some engaging and unique workshops and events coming up! Look out for more info on our Discord! If you have any questions, feel free to contact us.

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Tech Vs Elec Quiz Night

Upcoming Event - Friday 12 August 2022

EEEWA and URC are running a networking quiz night. Engage with industry over quizzes, food and drinks. More info soon.

Tickets Available Soon

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Semester 2, 2022

Agni Gangopadhyay


Tiziano Wehrli

VP of Projects

Ivan Kwek

VP of Education

Naveen Nimalan

VP of Communications

Won Chen Qin


Dani Sokil


Max Leblanc

Projects Manager

Rad Markovic

Workshops Manager

David Paik

Events Manager

Alex Hoffmann

Marketing Manager

Kieran Quirke-Brown

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